Two Salt Lake City Restaurants That Are Serving Up Some Delicious Food

Traveling around Salt Lake City and spending some time there has to be exciting. You want to see as much as you can when you are visiting such a beautiful place. If you are not familiar with Salt Lake City, you will probably pull up some pictures before you arrive. You will subsequently realize that the city is more beautiful than you could imagine in person. As you travel around Salt Lake having fun, you are going to be hungry, especially when it comes to spending time outdoors. So let me tell you about two great restaurants in Salt Lake that will serve you up a great bite to eat.

From Scratch is located on East Gallivan Avenue. Now, I actually didn’t expect to be mentioning pizza first, but it is in one of the pictures for this popular restaurant. Guys, the pizza literally looks amazing. They also serve up burgers, salads, fries, risotto cake and more according to the menu highlights. Have you tried risotto cake before? I haven’t either, and I would certainly want to if I ate at From Scratch.

The next place I want to mention is called Market Street Grill. This popular brunch spot is located on West Market Street, and for starters, it is all about some great seafood. How does a plate of salmon and mashed potatoes sound right about now? This establishment even has an oyster bar, so get ready to dig in.

Market Street Grill also features a downtown location, and you know you are going to be poking around in downtown Salt Lake. Just be sure you take time to enjoy nature while you are in Salt Lake and traveling Utah in general. You will be glad that you did, and now you don’t have to worry about choosing a restaurant.

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