The Holy War got started early, with Utah stuff painted all over BYU’s Cougar statue

Paint pranks aren’t a new phenomenon in college football, and it appears as though BYU is the latest victim.

The cougar statue in front of LaVell Edwards Stadium had some pro-University of Utah messages painted on it in red Saturday morning, according to some BYU fans on Twitter.

BYU and Utah are set to meet at 10:15 p.m. ET for the 92nd edition of the “Holy War” — a unique college football rivalry that divides the state and also heavily involves religion. That should be enough time for BYU to get the statue back in order before fans start filling the stadium Saturday night.

Earlier in the week, BYU-Utah relations were much more kind-hearted. Students from both universities placed hundreds of flowers at the feet of statues on each campus with a message of fighting climate change that poked fun at the contentious rivalry.

The good vibes apparently didn’t continue through the weekend.

An Ole Miss fan did it at Mississippi State. A Michigan frat did it at Michigan State. The Arizona State-Arizona paint war goes so deep, there was a hijacked spreadsheet at one point.

Paint pranks probably aren’t going anywhere, unfortunately.

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