3 Things Salt Lake City Is Well Known For

Salt Lake City is a very unique city and geographical area. Here are 3 things that Salt Lake City is well known for.

1. Natural Landscape

One of the most unique and impressive landscapes can be found in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Great Salt Lake is to the immediate west of the city. It has approximately 10 times higher salinity compared to ocean water. The surface at Salt Lake is at 4,210 feet, which climbs up 1.5 miles to the adjacent majestic Wasatch Mountains, which peak at 11,928 feet at Mt. Nebo summit. On the ascent up the mountains there is the valley floor, slopes on the foothills and deep mountain canyons.

2. Skiing

Due to its unique landscape, the Salt Lake City area features world class skiing. Major winter storms plow into the Wasatch Mountains leaving an average of 500 inches of very fluffy and light snow each year. There are four major ski areas that operate within a half an hour of Salt Lake City: Solitude, Brighton, Alta and Snowbird. Within another half hour of driving you can reach two more ski areas in Ogden Valley (Powder Mountain and Snowbasin) and three in Park City (Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley and The Canyons).

3. Mormons

The first thing that most people think of when they hear Utah is Mormons. They were the first to settle the state, arriving in the area in 1847. The people from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had been rejected by all of the other cities that they had occupied previously, and so they headed west out to Great Basin Desert. Their religion was able to blossom and spread due to being totally isolated from outside society. Temple Square, the most famous Mormon landmark, can be visited free of charge.

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